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reliable是什么意思adj. 可靠的;可信赖的 n. 可靠的人 [ 比较级 more reliable 最高级 most reliable ]可靠 可靠的(Reliable) _B_ 28. 通行

reliable的名词动词和副词分别是什么reliable 可依赖的,可靠的 rely 动词,依赖 rely on sb/sth 依赖某人/某事 reliably 副词,可靠地,确实地

reliable 和 dependable的区别例句:He was a good friend, a dependable companion.他是个好朋友,一个可以信赖的同伴。2、reliabl

reliable和reliant的区别Reliable ,形容词: 可靠的, 可信赖的 可以修饰名词,a reliable friend,值得信赖的朋友.a reliable

rely,reliance, reliant, reliable 的区别以 y 结尾的词要把 y 改为 i 以后才能再加缀,所以 reliant, reliance 和 reliable 中的词根部分

reliable 单词讲解reliable 1.可靠的;可信赖的;确实的 The manager thought he was a reliable person and told him all about the new plan.经

reliable 中文什么意思做形容词 adj. 可靠的;可信赖的 做名词 n. 可靠的人 例:She was efficient and reliable. 她既能干又可靠。例:He's


reliable翻译加造句!!!谢谢!!!adj.Capable of being relied on; dependable: a reliable assistant; a reliable car.Yielding the same or compatible results in


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