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二个音节以上,或字尾已含有字根 ful, less, ing, ed, ous, ive, ible, able, ent, ant, ish, ic, ary, al等 比较级在原级前面+ more,最高级在原级前面+ most,这是多音节字的变化.就是More delicious 和 most delicious

比较级:more delicious 最高级:the most dilicious delicious 英 [d'ls] 美 [d'ls] adj.美味的;可口的 例句及用法 1、she can produce delicious meal from very simple ingredients. 她能用简单配料烹调出美味的饭菜. 2、the hunter

very delicious;the most delicious

more delicious studies 第一个是多音节单词,比较级要加more; 第二个是结尾辅音+y,要将结尾的y变成i,再加es.

nine(序数词):ninth 这个要去掉e的delicious(比较级):more delicious

lie的过去分词,lieddelicious的比较级more delicious

nicer 其余的因为都是多音节词,所以比较级是在前面加more 是serious吧?也是加more 因为是多音节词.不会的在问我哦

一 1 ninth 2 more delicious 3 skating 4 studies 5 (原单词应该是knife吧)knives 6 quietly 7 sat 8 paster 9 feet 10 them 二 1 C 2 C 3 C 4 C 5 C 6 B三 1 My father doesn't do housework in the evening.2 How interesting (this story is)!3 Does he need any help?四 1 walk 2 answer 3 likes playing 4 should get be 5 to eat 6 running

ninth ,more delicious,skating,studies,knives,quiet没有单复数变化一说,sat,passed,feet,them



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