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cheese英-[tiz]美-[tiz]释义n. [食品] 奶酪;干酪;要人adj. 叛变的;胆小的vt. 停止

你好, After that cheese was covered with the sauce.

说cheese时常常要咧开嘴,因此在拍照时会说cheese!take a photo 拍照~

1. The smells of delicious foods floated all around him. 美食的香味弥漫在他的四周. 2. The pizza tastes delicious without any cheese at all. 不加奶酪的比萨饼很好吃. 3. There is a delicious irony in all this. 这一切中包含了一种绝妙的讽刺. 4. The

nobody knew it but me~~~all the essays are well written except yours~~~there are still some apples besides those

1.there are some biscuits in the cupboard but there aren't any eggs2.there is some milk in the fridge but there isn't any sugar3.there are some grape on the table but there aren't any lemons4.there is

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