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BE mADE By后面加什么

be made from 由制成 be made in 成产,制造于某个国家 be made by 被(人)生产,制造

be made by 被制造;由……制造 ; (某人)使得(某人/某物)解释:这是及物动词make 的被动式.by 用以引出动作的执行者.例句筛选1.It hurt me to think the master should be made uncomfortable by his own good deed.一想到主人自己作下善事,反而搞得别别扭扭,我就伤心.2.He said Israel expected it to be made public by the UN later on Friday.他说以色列准备好了看到联合国在星期五晚些时候发布这份报告.

可搭配介词有 of, from, with, by, to 等,其主要用法如下:1、be made of sth (由…制成,外形可见):Chair is made of woods.2、be made from sth (由…制成,外形不可见):Ice is made from water.3、be made with sth (由…制成,制作方式


be made fo 是由.制成(看得出原材料) be made from是由.制成(看不出原材料) be made in是 在.生产的 be made by 是被.生产的

be made of +表示材料名词“ 由……制成”(看得见原材料)be made from +表示材料名词“由……制成”(看不见原材料)be made by +人be made up of 同……构成be made in +地点

be made by + 什么人什么工厂 意思是由什么制造 This software is made by Microsoft.这个软件由微软公司制造 be made from +材料 意思是由什么制成(看不出原材料) The wine is made from grape.这种酒是由葡萄制成的

这个加不加be ,要具体情况具体分析 当只是表一个被动句的时候,加be 动词,比如 the tool is made by metal 几乎等于be made of the tool is made by you 如果一个句子,已经出现了动词,那么be made of/by 只能做为过去分词做定语,不能加be,以免和谓语动词重复,比如 i have a tool made by you= i have a tool (which is )made by you 类比的简单句子(你肯定见到的) i have a friend called mike my friend is called mike

1. be made by 意为“由……制成”,后接产品的制作者.Is it made by you? 它是你做出来的吗?2. be made into 意为“被制作成……”,后接制作出来的产品.This piece of wood can be made into a small bench. 这块木头可以做成一条小长凳

你说的这个句子是错的,应该换成 The bus is made in the factory.be made from 用什么制成,看不见原材料.be made of 也是用什么制成, 能看见原材料. be made by 有某人制成 be made in 在什么地方制成或生产.比如:the table is made of


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