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Jar of Love爆卵翆斤議三,萩寡追込

梧爆兆;wavin' flag梧簡;ohohohohgive me freedom, give me fire,give me reason, take me highersee the champions, take the field now,you define us, make us feel proudin the streets are, exaliftin ,as we lose our inhibition,celebration its


Some day' I'll be big enough so you can't hit me And all you're ever gonna be is mean' why you gotta be so mean? Some day' I'll be living in a big ole city And all you're ever gonna be is mean 宸頁Mean嶄議梧簡 低委some day油撹sunday 宸遍梧頁2012定密責壓鯉棲胆蟹議梧 李寡追!!

梧爆:all day and all of the 梧返:the brillia 廨辞:ゞblue daisy〃 朴沫梧爆 [ti:all day and all of the night] [ar:the brilliant green] [al:blue daisy] [by:正非暑 仝all day and all of the night々 恬簡:raymond douglas davies 恬爆:raymond douglas davies

One Direction - One ThingI've tried playing it coolGirl' when I'm looking at youI can't ever be braveCause you make my heart raceShot me out of the skyYou're my kryptoniteYou keep making me weakYeah' frozen and can't breatheSomething's

乎爆頁:day by day梧兆:day by day梧返: t-ara 廨辞:ゞtreasure box〃恬爆:Choo Young Soo/Kim Tae Hyun梧簡:あんなにした埴がいないもうどんなに柵んでも曙かないAh 溝鏡がジリジリ兀し篠せるAh 篤れた伉をめつける彳の桧町に函

頁爆卵翆蟹議ゞJar of Love〃,圻鞘頁^Soon it'll all be yesterday,Another good day, another bad day ̄ ゞJar of Love〃梧爆圻蟹:爆卵翆 野 簡:爆卵翆 惇 爆:爆卵翆 Another sunrise, another sunset 嗽頁匯肝晩竃,嗽頁匯肝晩鯛 恬簡 :

the show 勇挫油議 音狛 促麼傍議頁音頁ordinary day

right here waiting ocean apart day after day and i slowly go insane i hear your voice on the line but it doesn't stop the pain if i see you next to never how can we say forever wherever you go whatever you do i will be right here waiting for you whatever it

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