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a trend of seeking a romantic life什么意思a trend of seeking a romantic life 追求浪漫生活的一种趋势 例句 1 Each woman hope that she can own a pretty face and

tendency和trend 有和区别2、trend n. 趋势,倾向 〔辨析〕指事物发展总的方向、倾向或趋势。〔例证〕The trend of prices is

"最近30年,本国的人口呈一个上升的趋势."用英语怎么翻译In most recent 30 years, national population presents a trend of rising.

翻译一个句子I feel comprehensive to isn't a trend of gifted versatile person, my pour is the profession that comes in sight of to

请人帮忙翻译下谢谢回答:Based on the past 10 years, Hangzhou immigration status of tourism market research, in a great deal of

求大神翻译成(英文)place, to develop and make full use of network teaching system, is a trend of the development of education information.

潮流英语怎么说follow the trend 跟随时尚 economic trend [经]经济趋势 例句 1.And now behold a new trend of

it is part of a trend of vimapires(吸血鬼) in pop求part of your world的歌词加翻译 翻译; any of you,All of you,Each of you,part of the body

怎么翻译:“This is despite a trend of overall这是这个条件下的一个趋势,尽管它是一个总体的下降率的趋势.


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