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lose one"s life

惟有死亡让人了解生命的真谛,惟有死亡 翻译:Death only lets person know the life true meaning , death only 死亡可能使一个人的价值升华 翻译:Die to may use one personal value distillation 死亡让更多的人了解到一个人的价值 翻译:Die to

obituary danger.obituary是[死亡的]意思,

仿照我用are we are造十个句子We are Chinese.We are happy.We are students.We are playing football.We are swimming.We are singing songs.We are planting trees.We are fishing.We are shopping in the supermarket.We are cleaning the floor now.

单数:lose one's life例:He lost his life to save the drowning boy.复数:lose one's lives 例:Two soldiers lost their lives in the battle of rescuing the people trapped in the flood.

我几乎失去来生命I almost lost to life望采纳!谢谢!

我失去了生命中最重要的人I have lost the most important person in my life望采纳!谢谢!

If one day I lose a life

People at the time of dying, less and less choice. However, even if faced with death, we still can choose the way of facing death. The following content about the view of Jim, he is a student, is also one of my friends. Jim twenty-five years old. He is full


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