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求一首英文歌,男女合唱,副歌的第一句记得是it's hArD toDAy

We Belong Together-Mariah CareyWoo喔Oh~ Sweet love Yeah噢~ 甜蜜的爱 耶I didn't mean it我并非本意When I said I didn't love you so当我说我并不那样爱你的时候I should have held on tight我应该抱得更紧I never should've let you go我不应该让


on the floor - jennifer lopez & pitbullj-lo!哦ya tu sabe no es mas nada你知道的it's a new j-lo ration这是一个派对mr.worldwide世界先生of party people属于新一代人get on the floor (dale)亲爱的在舞池里get on the floor亲爱的在舞池里let me introduce

《Down》 Jason Walker、Molly Reed

yeah!what's upit's tq and sarah againhaha right back at ya (love is color blind)that's rightthis time we got a serious situationand we're tryna do our parts to helpbut we need your helpyou know what i'm saying (love is color blind)so come on!it don't

Barbie girl(AQUA)歌词:- Hi Barbie!- Hi Ken!- You wanna go for a ride?- Sure, Ken!- Jump in!I'm a Barbie girlin the Barbie worldLife in plastic, it's fantasticYou can brush my hair,undress me everywhereImagination, life is your creationCome on,

You Can Trust In MeI knowIt is hard to fall loveWhen you feel blueDeep inside your heartI'm sureYou got so much more to giveBelieve in meI can let it shine againSurrenderBaby please surrenderI will be so tenderIf you trust in mePretenderI won'

Do you hear me,I'm talking to youAcross the water across the deep blue oceanUnder the open sky, oh my, baby I'm tryingBoy I hear you in my dreamsI feel your whisper across the seaI keep you with me in my heartYou make it easier when life gets

Price Tag - Jessie J,B.o.BOkayCoconut manMoonheadAnd meYou ready?Seems like everybody's got a priceI wonder how they sleep at nightWhen the sale comes firstAnd the truth comes secondJust stop for a minute andSmileWhy is everybody

歌名:You Can Trust In Me 歌手:Tang nguoi toi yeu 歌词:I know It is hard to fall love When you feel blue Deep inside your heart I'm sure You got so much more to give Believe in me I can let it shine again Surrender Baby please surrender I will be



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